Ford of Canada brings award-winning driver training program to Toronto-area students

Ford of Canada brings award-winning driver training program to Toronto-area students

Ford Driving Skills for Life offers advanced behind-the-wheel training for teen drivers, like correcting over steer and avoiding distractions

OAKVILLE, Ontario, September 24, 2014 – Youth from across the Greater Toronto Area got the chance to participate today in Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited’s award-winning Driving Skills for Life program at Brampton’s Powerade Centre. From learning to correct an over steer, to hazard recognition and avoidance of distraction (such as taking selfies and texting); the no-cost program is bringing practical hands-on advanced driver training to inexperienced drivers on a unique driving course.

“We are excited to host the full Ford Driving Skills for Life program for the first time in Canada, today in the GTA," said Caroline Hughes, vice president, Government Relations, Ford of Canada. "Safety is our priority at Ford and we know a key area where we can make a difference is with inexperienced drivers. We’re taking advanced learning, particularly of stressful scenarios, and making it educational and memorable for teens."

Specially-equipped vehicles and professional instructors were on-site to offer teen drivers hands-on driving exercises that build their skills in four key areas: driver distraction, speed and space management, vehicle handling and hazard recognition. This year also marked the introduction of new driver distraction curriculum surrounding the new trend of taking ‘driving selfies.’

“Over the last 10 years we have taken pride in our ability to adjust the Ford Driving Skills for Life curriculum to keep up with the constantly changing world awaiting new drivers,” said Jim Graham, manager of Ford Driving Skills for Life. “A few years ago, who would have thought we would have to be telling teens not to take selfies while driving? We have to constantly monitor teen driving trends and modify our program accordingly.”

Ford Motor Company Fund and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) are starting the 11th year of bringing Ford Driving Skills for Life directly to newly-licensed drivers across the United States through a variety of activities. This is the first year that the program has been brought to Canada. Ford Driving Skills for Life has expanded to 15 international markets, and to date, has trained more than 550,000 new drivers around the globe through online and professional hands-on driver instruction.